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Destinaton Wedding Photographers Tomáš Dolejší and Lukáš Konvička

We have many years of experience at photographing destination weddings. We started shooting weddings in 2006 and so far have photographed more than two hundred weddings altogether. We love to travel and we are really very passionate about what we do - being destination wedding photographers. Usually, we work as individual photographers, but we can photograph your wedding together as well. We live in the Czech Republic (European Union) popular for its amazing capital city Prague. But we travel a lot and we photograph weddings worldwide, often in Crete (Greece).

Tom has his own wedding photography website, where you can find more information about him and his offer (

Tom and Lukas share the same style of photography. They tend towards spontaneous and natural looking photos with a touch of emotion. Rather than complicated poses, we prefer capturing unique moments. Due to our reportage style, we will unobtrusively photograph each precious moment throughout your wedding day.

If you want to enjoy the whole wedding day with your guests, we can arrange your portrait photo session the next day. Then we will have plenty of time to create unique portraits at different locations, without need to hurry. Of course, we can work more days - for example photograph you pre-wedding party, rehearsal dinner or just guests having fun and enjoying their stay.


Eva & Lukas

Hi Tom, thank you so much for our wonderful photos. Also my friends are really amazed by our wedding photos. Thank you for everything, we are sooooo happy you were our photographer and that we could spend our day with you. You were great as a photographer and personally too. Thank you so much.

H & J

Lukas is a great photographer. He is a real professional and a great person. He captured all those special moments with passion and absolute professionalism. Thank you so much for that Luas. We will recommend you to anybody who is looking for the best wedding photographer. ti z obou focení perfektní! Určitě využijeme jeho služeb i do budoucna!

Zuzka & Martin

Hi Tom, thank you so much for the photos you sent us. Those are incredibly wonderful, gorgeous. Your photos will remind us our special day for our whole life. We have been flicking through them the fourth time and we can not stop :) Thank you again for everything you have don for us. We could not have chosen better.

Petra & Vaclav

Lukas is a great wedding photographer. Thank you so much Lukas for our amazing wedding photos. They are original looking and really slendid.

Jana & Lukas

Good morning Tom. First of all, we would like to say huuuge thank you for our wedding photos. I knew that you are really great photographer but you have absolutly exceeded our expetations. I am so happy that I found your internet website and chose you to me our wedding photographer. Thank you again for the wedding photos, they are incredible, amazing and just perfect. I have no idea how you managed to do that but sometimes I even did not know that you were taking photos and still, there they are, absolutely gorgeous. DVD with the package is lovely and the printed photos too. Thank you so much, we will recommend you for sure to anybody seeking the best wedding photographer.

Hanka a Aleš

Svatební den je sám o sobě výjimečný, ale díky Lukášovi a jeho citu pro focení se tento den stal nezapomenutelný! Je to nejlepší fotograf, kterého si můžeš vybrat.

Monika & Pepa

Hi Tom, we have just gone through the online gallery and I have say that those photos are stunning. Thank you so much for everything. We are so glad we chose you to be our wedding photographer. It is absolutely clear that you have many years of experience and the photos are the proof. Thank you for a great cooperation and many other satisfied couples.

H & S

Lukas was our wedding photographer for the whole day (from the morning preparations till the evening). The photos are fabulous and we can recommend Lukas to anybody looking for a wedding photographer.

Misa & Milan

Hi Tom, the photos are wonderful. We have been going through them with Milan for a while and we can not stop. Thank you sooo much, online gallery is senstaional and our guests who have seen our photos are really amazed by them.

J & P

Lukas, you are the best wedding photographer and I will recommend you everywhere we go.

Martina a Jirka

Hi Tom, the photos are sooo nice, everybody likes them so much. I am super happy I found you on the internet so you could be our wedding photographer.

T & M

Lukas is not even a real professional but also a great person, very friendly and kind. Thanks to that combination, our wedding photo session was a real fun.

Lenka & Nicolas

Tom, thank you so much. The photos are amazing and we both (and our guests too) are really super satisfied. Our guests were really keen to have you on our wedding and they told us how wonderful person you were. I have had this feeling since we started emaling. .

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Lukas Konvicka
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